Day 7 - Reduce cravings by doing this

Dec 22, 2021

As you may have realised by now, our health & happiness is dependent on so much more than just food & exercise.

The end of the year is the perfect opportunity to reassess the other things in your life that affect your health & happiness. These are the things I refer to as soul food! Or primary food!

Finding balance with food and exercise is so much easier if we have balance in our personal life and feel happy and fulfilled in our relationships.

Christmas is a time of the year when we typically spend more time with family & friends and is therefore the perfect opportunity to re-asses our relationships.

How much satisfaction do you get from your relationships on a scale of 1 to 10?

If your rating is low, delve a little deeper and ask yourself “why?”

  • Are friends off-loading their problems without taking the time to ask about YOU?
  • Family members expecting too much from you?
  • Coworkers gossiping and creating a negative environment?
  • An ongoing rift with an old friend or family member?

Any of these relationship issues will cause stress and anxiety, which can cause you to turn to junk food or alcohol for quick comfort and stress relief. 

Before giving into it… STOP and do the following:

List five people in your life who totally support you. Next to each name write one reason that you are thankful for them.

If a person on your list is someone you have not talked to in a while, reconnect with them today.

Christmas is the perfect time to reach out to those you haven't spoken to in a while!

Your belly is your emotional brain so feeling supported and happy on an emotional level is essential for your health, especially if you're dealing with bloating or trying to lose weight.

Beat The Bloat is a 21 day challenge were we go beyond just food & fitness to create a lifestyle that will not only get rid of any bloating but uplift your physical, mental & emotional health by committing just 30 minutes to yourself every morning when you wake up.



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