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Get leaner, stronger, more flexible and more confident in just 10 days with this Food, Fitness & Mindfulness program that will not only uplift your body, your mind and your soul but your butt and your confidence too!

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The Club membership is a structured program with weekly new recipes, workout videos, mindfulness exercises & group coaching calls to support the happiest, healthiest version of YOU!

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Pilates is often referred to as "The thinking man's exercise system" because it doesn't just strengthen your core but also your brain.

This incredible method will transform your body from the inside out, creating long lean muscles, better body awareness, improved posture a stronger core and a perkier butt with workouts that work you out without wearing you out!



Improving the QUALITY of what you eat is the single most powerful way you can improve the quality of how you look & feel.

While exercise accounts for 20% of your weight, food accounts for everything else. Your gut is also where your happy hormones are created meaning that an improvement in your diet won't just be beneficial to your physical health but your mental health too! Increase your energy levels, uplift your mood, boost your productivity, get rid of bloating and get lean by creating delicious and nutritious recipes in minutes.



Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. More than a form of exercise, it is a philosophy of life that teaches us to connect with our body, our mind and our soul. The objective of Yoga is to help us find peace in situations that are challenging and to cultivate gratitude, trust, kindness and commitment towards ourselves and those around us for a happier, healthier life. 


Our mind is our most powerful tool but it's also what most often keeps us from achieving our goals. Our minds and our bodies are inextricably linked. The mindfulness exercices in this program are designed to cultivate more compassion and gain better control over your mind while strengthening your focus, improving your self confidence and boosting your productivity. 


Before I started doing Fit Body Fresh Mind, I used to do a lot of high intensity exercise and I was very confused about food. I found it very hard to find balance and I felt like my worries about food & fitness were taking over my life. Things are very different now. Thanks to Maddy I have realized the power of focusing on quality of movement, of integrating mindfulness and of developing a simpler & kinder relationship with food. I feel much lighter, leaner, fitter and more at peace within myself. I couldn't recommend the program enough. Sophie - Stockholm


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