Sculpt beautiful muscle tone throughout your entire body using precise, low impact movements. Learn to cook delicious food that boosts your mood & your ability to burn fat. Discover mindfulness practices that will change your life. This program isn’t just about building the body you desire; it’s about building a better life and a stronger relationship with yourself.




Fit Body Fresh Mind is a Food, Fitness & Mindfulness program that takes a novel approach to your health & fitness by combining Mindful Movement with Intuitive Eating & Mindfulness. We cater to high achievers with busy schedules who want to look & feel their absolute best.


What makes Fit Body Fresh Mind different


We take a novel approach to weight loss that is based on addressing the underlying reasons why your body holds onto unwanted fat and kickstart it into fat burning mode instead. By taking a more mindful approach to food & fitness you'll learn how to break free from emotional eating, overeating and toxic hunger to unlock your leanest & strongest body in a way that feels intuitive & easy.



Exercise alone isn't enough for you to feel great in your body. In fact it only accounts for a tiny fraction of how you look & feel. We take a 360 approach to your health & fitness by helping you reduce stress, improve sleep and most importantly improve the way you fuel yourself!

Learn how to stop relying on discipline and willpower and program your body to crave healthy food instead!


Finding your way with food & fitness can be challenging, isolating & confusing, especially when you're not getting the results you want! 

From the moment you join Fit Body Fresh Mind, you will never be alone. We are a  strong community of badass women who will support you and I will personally be there to guide you along the way!


What you get when you join:

We have a library of over 200 workouts ranging from 20-50 minutes in length specifically designed to create long lean lines! From express workouts to strengthen your core and perk up your booty to full body flows, there is always something that will inspire you to step on your mat. 

When you join you will get immediate access to 6 workouts, then 2 new workouts will be added each week to make it gradually more challenging for you.

Each workout that is unlocked remains in your library for as long you are a member. In addition you will get access to a featured workout that changes weekly! 

Once you'll have had amazing results with the detox, you'll want to continue eating this way so we'll continue providing you with new delicious and simple recipes weekly based on the same principles as in the detox. 

Practicing meditation is one of the most powerful ways you can access your subconscious mind where your habits, beliefs and patterns are stored. 

These are the very things that are driving your behavior around food & fitness!

The meditations included in this program are specifically designed to help you connect with your true self, to develop more self love, to reduce stress and to stick with the behaviors that make you feel your best!

When your mind is in the right place, the body follows. Your mind can either be your biggest enemy or your best ally. The mindfulness exercises included in the program have been specifically designed to empower you to do what is best for your physical, mental and emotional health!

To connect, stay accountable, share your challenges & successes and get inspired by the success stories of other members in the program!

Every month I will meet you on Zoom for a community coaching call to answer your questions and provide you with the support, accountability and inspiration you need to stay o track and get the best results from the program!

Every quarter, at the most strategic times, we'll drum up your motivation with a new Fit Body Fresh Mind challenge we'll do all together. 

The New Year challenge will help you start the year off feeling your best, the Spring Fitness Challenge will get you into your best shape before summer, the Post Summer Challenge will retune your healthy habits before autumn and the Healthy Happy Christmas Challenge will help you stay on track during the festive season!

Do you go from being "really good" with food & fitness to being "really bad"?

Do you have a tendency to go on extreme diets and then find yourself bingeing after?

Do you feel confused about what you should eat and how to train to get the best results?

Are you having trouble finding a way of eating & training that's sustainable AND gives you the results you want?

Is your happiness & sense of worth dependent on your weight?

Do you beat yourself up for what you eat and try and make up for it with exercise?

Are you eager to break free from the clusterfunk of negative feelings you have around food, fitness & yourself? 


My name is Maddy and I'm the founder of Fit Body Fresh Mind!

Just like you, I spent years in a negative spiral with food & fitness. I worked my butt off at the gym & running, but I was never satisfied with the way I looked or felt.

I thought I ate super healthy, counting calories and trying every diet and detox under the sun, but I could never get rid of the extra layer around my tummy.

Eventually I hit a wall from stressing myself out and had to relearn everything I thought I knew about food, fitness & health.




My journey to reclaim my physical & mental health started nearly 15 years ago

I qualified as a Pilates & Yoga Teacher, became a Certified Nutrition and Holistic Health Coach and developed a protocol for Intuitive Eating earning me the opportunity to be invited twice on the TedX stage.

My approach is different and goes against the mainstream approach to weight loss and food. It's rooted in logic and in observing our evolution as a species and the changes in what, why & how we eat, and why we overeat!

My combined qualifications and unique approach to health has earned me the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients, groups and in corporate settings all over the World for over 14 years. 



Maddy┬┤s approach to food, fitness & mindfulness has truly transformed my life. I always thought that feeling good in my body would come at the expense of calorie burning workouts and restricting food but thanks to Maddy I now feel (and look) better than I ever have before. Eating healthy has become a real pleasure thanks to all her amazing recipes and her workouts are fun! My belly is flatter, my body is leaner, my butt is perkier and I have a much more relaxed relationship with food & fitness! Thank you Maddy! - Alexandra, Monaco

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