Hi! I´m Maddy!

Despite what I may look like, I haven't always been the picture of health!

Or joy for that matter!

Being fit and feeling good in my body has always been a priority but in my early twenties that priority turned into somewhat of an obsession.

I became so obsessed with wanting to "look" a certain way that I lost track of how it was making me feel, and the toll it was taking on my mental health.

I was spending every spare minute working out and I would feel guilty the moment I would miss an exercise session or indulge in something naughty.

I was working out to eat and I was eating to exercise, leaving no room to actually enjoy life.

I thought I was doing everything right when in actual fact I had gotten it all wrong and my body was showing me all the signs of it.

I was bloated, tired and I couldn´t for the life of me understand how I could feel so crap considering I was technically doing what is believed to be "healthy".  

Eventually, I got injured and a little further down the line I got diagnosed with IBS, Candida & PCOS.

My poor body had had enough of the never ending calorie burning workouts and of being denied real food for the sake of eating low calorie.

I was in a giant mess.

Thankfully, it's often in times of crisis that new things are given the chance to flourish.

I started to educate myself about food, fitness and mindfulness. I swapped my calorie burning workouts for Pilates and after seeing the amazing results it had on my body and on my mind, I decided to become a teacher so I could share the method with others.


I overhauled my way of eating and my relationship with food and I learnt to stop living in fear of calories and to embrace nutrients instead.

Finally, in doing all this I healed my mind and I learnt to appreciate my body for all the things it does for me instead of hating it for the parts I didn't like about it.

It's been over ten years now and I am more grateful than ever to have hit that wall of stress, desperation and illness for it gave me the gift or learning how to work WITH my body, instead of against it and of helping others do the same.

It taught me that health & beauty is not something we can bash our bodies into but something we develop from the inside by improving the way we nourish ourselves physically, mentally & spiritually.





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