5 steps to making resolutions that stick

Jan 02, 2023

With every new year comes the pressure to make resolutions. If you've been making the same ones for a while, here are a few tips that will help you make this the year you actually sustain them.

  1. Focus on taking small steps instead of giant leaps. A lot of the times we think that the more extreme we are in our approach, the better results we'll get. But this isn't true, especially when it comes to your health & fitness. You're better off committing to doing 20 minutes of exercise from home every day, and actually doing it, than telling yourself that you're going to do something you hate because you think you'll burn more calories. The likelihood of you sustaining the former is much higher than the latter. And what matters in getting results isn't how hard you train but how consistent you are with the training you do. 
  2. Work on creating the habit first and then build from there. If your resolution is to get fit by becoming consistent with exercise, start by building the habit of exercising every day. If doing 45 minutes feels like a lot, start with 10 or 20 minutes and commit to it for a week. Once you'll have done it for a week, you'll feel like a winner and increasing it to 30 or more will feel easy. 
  3. Keep it simple. In my work I get to speak to a lot of people who have tried all sorts of crazy things in an effort to lose weight and get fit and in the end the hard truth is this: there's no silver bullet that will deliver you the same results as doing the simple things that form the foundation of your health. If you're holding onto unwanted weight and feeling crappy in your body, there's a reason. Instead of taking a band-aid approach that will give you short term relief, focus on the simple things like getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients, cutting out inflammatory foods, building strength and flexibility with consistent exercise, having a mindfulness practice and staying hydrated. These are the things that may seem futile but they're the things that truly matter and will truly make a difference in how you feel. Not only will they make you healthier but happier too!
  4. Have someone keep you accountable. If you keep your resolutions to yourself, you're 80% more likely to give up  than if you have a partner, friend, community or coach keep you accountable. Making changes to your habits is hard and it's totally normal to feel resistance at times. This is your ego's way of keeping you safe. Having someone remind you of why you made the resolutions in the first place and encourage you to keep going will make it much easier to stick with things than going at it alone.
  5. Work on your mindset. Whenever we want to change our bodies, we pour all our energy into the physical aspect of things when the biggest challenge is actually our mind. It's your mind that will get in the way of you sticking with your resolutions by finding excuses, leading you to self-sabotage or by letting your limiting beliefs creep in. This is why working on your mindset is ESSENTIAL to create change that lasts and something I do in all my programs to support my clients.

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Wishing you a healthy, happy and fulfilling year ahead!

Much love,

Maddy x


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