What really matters for weight loss (and your health)

May 28, 2019


Summer is only a few weeks away and the internet is full of advice and quick fixes to help you lose weight but most programs have one big thing in common: they fail to address the big picture and the underlying reasons why your weight is an issue in the first place.

Most programs will be a simple combo of food & fitness but no effort in these areas will be enough if you don´t address the following too:



We all know that making healthy choices becomes a million times more difficult when we are sleep deprived. Not only because our mind is foggy and we have less energy but also because our bodies are naturally drawn to sugar and refined carbs as a quick energy fix.

In my work with clients I help them identify the things that may be preventing them from getting enough good quality sleep.

Sometimes it´s spending too much time in front of screens at night and other times it can be less obvious things that are related to their diet or lifestyle.


Either way, identifying these things and making the necessary changes makes a World of difference to their sleep & thus makes it easier for them to make better food choices. 


We are constantly bombarded with information telling us to do more exercise but did you know that rest & recovery is essential for weight loss and for your body to transform?

If you have a busy lifestyle and are juggling a million things at once, chances are that you are spending a lot of time in your SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM.
But it´s in when you spend time in the PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM that you allow change to happen. This is your rest & recovery mode where your body feels safe to transform and let go of its reserves.


Your digestion is obviously affected by what you eat but it´s also affected by how you eat and the state of mind you are in when you eat.

The food you eat while you are stressed or on the go won´t be digested the same way as when you are relaxed and the way you chew your food determines how soon after you will be hungry and how many nutrients your body will be able to absorb.

These are things that are often overlooked but that are essential in any weight loss/health/fitness plan.



Can you remember a time when you were so happy and excited that food became secondary? Maybe it was when you last fell in love, when you started a new job or discovered a new hobby?


Eating healthy becomes so much easier when we are fulfilled in the areas of our lives that matter because we are less likely to use food to fill the void.


This is especially true when it comes to emotional eating. I often say to my clients that it´s not the food that’s the problem.


It´s the stress or lack of something in another area in their life that causes them to overeat.


This is why, even though it may seem completely unrelated on the surface, our conversations often turn to purpose and the level of fulfillment in the areas of life that matter. 



As most of us know, having a community who support us and who we can relate to is everything. Making changes to our habits is hard but if we have people around us that inspire us and who are on a similar journey, it becomes easier.

I´m so proud, happy & grateful for the community I´ve built among my coaching clients. It´s so nice to see everyone support each other in the Facebook group and on FITBODYFRESHMIND. I love this community so much and I think it´s one of the things that truly makes a difference when you embark on this journey.



The last piece of the puzzle is affected by all the pieces above and is perhaps the most crucial ingredients to a successful transformation. Without the right mindset you will fail at the first hurdle. With the right mindset, you will become unstoppable.


We cannot transform our bodies without transforming our mind first.

So if you´ve read this far… ask yourself: what is it that is holding you back from taking action?

Do you still have lingering questions?

If so, drop me a line. Or check out my program that addresses all the above.  


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