Want to get fit for summer? DonĀ“t make these 5 mistakes...

May 28, 2019

Summer is around the corner and perhaps you are feeling the pressure to increase your time in the gym or to go on a diet to get ready for bikini season.


I get it.


Despite all the talk about being confortable in your skin no matter what your shape or size, we all want to FEEL & LOOK OUR BEST when it comes to stripping down into our swimwear.


And if possible, we would love the results to last beyond summer. Right?


Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Most people who lose weight for summer regain all of it (or more) within a few weeks or months.

In my coaching practice I specialize in helping these people get off what I call the "dieting/crash exercising rollercoaster" and find a way of eating, moving and living that helps them reach and maintain their ideal weight.


Here are the most common mistakes I see in my clients and things you may relate to as well:


You think you will get there with sheer discipline and willpower


Of course losing weight and getting fitter requires discipline and willpower but both of these are finite resources meaning that sooner or later we run out of them.

We can rely on them for a short period but if it´s the only resource we rely on in order to reach our goals, we are doomed for failure.

You are focusing your energy on the wrong things


This used to be my biggest problem.


I was convinced that losing weight and getting fit was a simple equation of calories in/calories and I was a lot more inclined to busting my butt at the gym than changing my way of eating.


I spent stupid amounts of energy working out only to ruin it all by making the wrong diet & lifestyle choices.


This is a really common mistake because going to the gym for an hour to burn calories takes a lot less “rewiring” than overhauling your diet and your relationship with food.

So most of us avoid it, convincing ourselves that exercising more or harder will do the trick when in actual fact, it doesn´t work.

80% of weight loss and how you feel is down to what you eat so that extra time in the gym or the cost of hiring a Personal Trainer would be much better invested in learning to prepare healthy meals and working with a Nutrition Coach. Just saying…


You aren´t being consistent


Even if you do address your diet, the most common mistake I see is that people aren´t being consistent and give up too easily when they don´t see immediate results or self-sabotage when they do.


Human beings sure are weird creatures! We all have our patterns and most of us aren´t even aware of them!

I see it all the time in clients who think they eat really healthy only to realize that they snack on their kids foods, grab a candy bar when they´re stressed or treat themselves to decadent meals “because it´s Friday” or “because they´ve been good” or any other excuse.

I´m all for being kind to yourself and allowing room for a little flexibility but if you´re serious about wanting to lose weight and getting fit, no half assing it will do.


You are being a b..ch to yourself


This was another one of my mistakes.


I used to think that the answer to getting fitter, losing weight and feeling good in my body came at the expense of beating myself up in the gym, of starving myself from food and depriving myself from all pleasure in life.


It felt like I had a total b..tch living in my mind who was constantly criticizing me for what I was eating, for not training hard enough and for being a total failure. Fun huh?


I thought that the more pain I could inflict myself, the more gains I would get.


Writing it out now I can see the incongruence in this but back then, I couldn’t.

“No pain, no gain” is the name of the game if you want to get fit, isn´t it?

Well not in my book. Not anymore.


Of course you can make all these mistakes and still get results but they will never truly last and more importantly, they won´t make you happy. And being happy is a key element in your health and perhaps the single most important thing that will make your weight loss sustainable.

If maintaining your weight is dependent on living a life you hate, you´re never going to stick with it.

The key to losing weight, getting fit and maintaining your gains takes a lot more than going on a detox, a diet or upping the amount you exercise.


These are all short term fixes that will keep you in a dieting cycle.


A cycle that keeps you going from diet to detox to diet and finding it hard to maintain the results you reap.

The reason most people (and maybe you) aren´t able to reach & maintain their ideal weight isn´t because they lack willpower or discipline.

It´s because these diets & detoxes solely rely on your willpower & discipline which we know are finite resources. No one has infinite amount of willpower and discipline!


The only way to truly break free from this pattern is by digging into your core beliefs, your habits and the things you may be doing without even realizing and that are ruining your efforts to lose weight/get fit.


We all have a pattern of operation and if we don´t take the time to break free from it, we´ll keep coming back to it as soon as our willpower and discipline fades.


This is why COACHING is a crucial ingredients in any transformation.

You can´t transform your body unless you start by transforming your mind.

You will never feel good in your body if you keep feeding your mind negative thoughts.


And you will never be able to sustain any gains if you don´t enjoy the lifestyle choices you need to make in order to support them. 


This is why SPRING INTO SHAPE is centered around addressing all these mistakes and helping you lose weight, get fit and adopt a lifestyle that supports your healthiest, happiest self.


Together we will address all the things that are holding you back and improve the way you fuel yourself, the way you move and the way you think about food, fitness and yourself.

You can find all the info about the program here

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