Set intentions, not goals

Nov 08, 2021

Whether in your work or in your personal life, I'm sure you're familiar with the practice of setting goals. 

Goal setting helps us see the future, understand what we want, create a plan, and stay on track to get it done.

It sounds wonderful, but for some people, there is a downside to goal setting, or should I say several downsides.

  • The first downside is that it takes you out of the moment and creates an emphasis on what you don't have. If your goal is to lose 5kg (or 10 lbs.), your emphasis will be on the fact that you're not good enough as you are, and that you need to lose weight. In some cases, this can be really motivating! But in others, it can make you feel pretty shitty. The kind of shitty where all you wanna do is stuff yourself with chocolate & ice cream, which isn't actually conducive to reaching said goal...
  • Having goals often involves following a plan but as we all know, life doesn't always go to plan. Chances are, you'll give up on your goals as soon as something gets in the way of you following your plan. Didn't make it to the gym this morning as planned? This shouldn't be a reason to get all down on yourself but it's often what leads people to give up.
  • Goals can feel foreign and far away, so much so that you're more likely to stop believing in them and convince yourself that you'll never achieve them. 

In my personal experience, goal setting works really well when you actually reach your goals. But if you've ever set goals and failed to reach them you'll know that it can feel pretty shitty. And it may be enough to put you off from ever wanting to set goals again.

This is something I often encounter with clients who've set themselves fitness goals. And why I am less and less in favour of using goals alone and emphasise using intentions instead.

Setting and living your intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment, to recognise and live your values, and to raise your emotional energy, which in turn raises your physical energy.

Intentions give you purpose, as well as the inspiration and achieve your purpose. 

Every Sunday I ask the members in my program to share their intentions & goals with me. I know that by articulating them, they are more likely to stick with them. 

An easy way to do this is to imagine yourself as being the biggest ally of your health & fitness.

How would you show up for yourself? What would you be doing differently? How would you give yourself a pep talk? What would you tell yourself to keep going even when things don't go to plan?

The practice of setting intentions can change your life, and your physical & mental fitness.

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I'll be here to support you each step of the way!


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