Life update & exciting new things coming in November!

Oct 30, 2022

After nearly a month of traveling, I'm finally back in beautiful Costa Rica and it feels so good to be home!

I spent the past month in Europe, visiting my parents in Belgium, seeing friends in Monaco, fitting in a beautiful sunset Pilates class by the sea, and flying to Corsica to scout locations for an upcoming retreat!

This island is truly special and I cannot wait to host a Pilates, Yoga & Hiking retreat here next year. I'll be sharing more info about this soon! In the meantime, this is a photo of a beautiful sunset hike I did in the most southern part of the island.

Last time I did a life update I had just finished hosting an incredible retreat in Costa Rica with my friend Katie and you can see the recap video of it here.

Watching the whales and the beautiful nature we were surrounded by still gives me goosebumps. 

We've decided to host the same retreat there next year so if you're keen to join for that, you can find more info here.

We want to keep the group small & intimate so I recommend that you secure your spot by putting down the deposit asap if you don't want to miss out. 

In other news, I've been working hard on the Fit Body Fresh Mind online schedule for November.

I got your feedback about preferring a daily schedule so from November 1st you'll get 2 workouts to choose from every day! One shorter one (10-30 minutes) and a longer one (30-60 minutes) so you have no excuse not to workout!

On the recipe front I'm excited to have partnered yet again with an amazing Chef. Shelley is the Author of "What's on your fork" and this month she's sharing 7 of her favourite recipes exclusively with our Fit Body Fresh Mind members including the perfect breakfast muffins, a "green goddess" hummus and a vegetable & lentil soup that will warm your heart & soul!

Guest teacher Katie Tobias is back leading you through a powerful Fire Yoga practice with the backdrop of a volcano. This one is truly special you guys and if you like to challenge yourself, you'll definitely get your share of hard work here!

This month mindfulness exercise is a breathing exercise to energise, awaken & cleanse the body called Kapalbhati.

Also known as the "coffee breath", this is a powerful breathing technique to awaken all senses and make you feel alert & focused! 

As always, there will be a ton of other new workouts including: a sweet Sunday flow to set you up for a successful week, a classical Pilates session that will make you work muscles you probably didn't know you had, and an express session that will set your inner thighs on fire! If you're not a member but would like to give the program a try, you can get access to all the content for free for 7 days by signing up to the trial here.


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