Day 3 - Eating healthy at Christmas parties

Dec 18, 2021

Do you tend to eat unhealthier this time of the year only because "tis the season"?

Project yourself a month from now and ask yourself if it´s really worth it?

I know most of our habits at this time of the year are deeply engrained in family traditions and that it´s hard to break free from what is familiar to us.

The easy option would be to follow the herd and do what you always do. But that is not what makes you feel your best and you know it!

You are reading this email because you want to prioritise your physical and mental health during the lead up to Christmas. And that starts with taking responsibility for what you eat.

Even though you may think that eating junk at this time of the year is unavoidable, you have the ability to make empowered decisions about the food you put in your body. You have choices.

Now ask yourself these questions:

  • How has overindulging in the lead up to Christmas benefited you in the past?
  • How important is it that you follow the herd and do what you generally do, versus start taking responsibility for what you eat?
  • How will your life change when you break free from your pattern and start making better choices with regards to the food you eat?

Many people turn to junk food when they are stressed and looking for a quick energy boost. What they really need is a well-rounded meal comprised of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to nurture their bodies and provide slow-burning energy.

It may sound counterintuitive, but adding in MORE real food at this time of the year could be your saving grace.

I call this concept “Crowding out”. When you place a strong emphasis on real food, you become less hungry and there’s little room left for empty calories.

Focus on creating a balanced meal, even at parties:

  • Fill up at least half your plate with vegetables.
  • Ditch the potatoes, the bread, the pasta & the rice. There´s nothing special or Christmassy about these foods and they contain very little nutrients.
  • Aim for 80% healthy food and save 20% for your favorite treats.
  • If possible, add your dessert to your main plate.  Adding dessert to your main plate will drastically cut down on the amount, as opposed to having an entirely new plate for dessert after your main dish. 
  • If at all possible, try to sit down when you eat and to truly savor your meal.  Take the time to chew and enjoy the flavors and the texture of each and every bite! Eat slowly! 

A few secrets to ensure you won’t end up overeating at Christmas parties:

  • Don´t turn up at a party starving. Always eat breakfast & lunch if you are going out for dinner. Include protein & healthy fats to stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings.
  • Make sure that you are getting a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats at every meal and/or snack.
  • Get enough sleep! Our hunger cues are thrown off track when we aren’t sleeping enough. Sleep balances leptin and ghrelin, the hormones that tell us when to start and stop eating.
  • Limit your alcohol intake. I'll be sharing some ways of how to easily do this in tomorrow's post. 

Try these strategies at the next party you attend, and let me know how it goes!


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