• Reclaim your glow with a food, fitness & mindfulness program that is specifically tailored to your needs!
  • Identify the areas of your life that weigh you down and get support with taking concrete action steps to turn things around!
  • Find what lights you up, what ignites your passion, your purpose and get help in making time for the things that truly make you happy!
  • Break free from the habits, the people and situations that no longer serve you
  • Say goodbye to what is holding you back from living the life you want and become unstoppable in creating the life you love!

"You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough."

Coaching packages are by application only and start at 600 Eur/720 USD/ 6200 SEK. Partial payment plans are available.


Whoa did you feel that? Did Covid throw you for a loop? If so, you are not alone.

Most of us have found ourselves destabilized during this time. Maybe it has triggered you to reassess your priorities? Your health? Your relationships? Or your career choices?

All these things have a tremendous effect on our physical and mental health and have a powerful impact on how we feel.

Maybe you are still struggling with the uncertainty in your day to day life and about what lies ahead.

If so, know that amidst the darkness of uncertainty lies a beautiful opportunity for growth & new beginnings.

Amidst the chaos is the chance to start anew and to create the life you truly desire & deserve. 

It is no coincidence that this lockdown happened at the time it did. We all needed a reset, a time to reflect on where life is taking us and to assess the effects of our behavior on our health and that of our planet.

Most of us are living at such tremendous speed that it's easy to lose track of where we are actually going. Days, weeks, months & years pass by but in the midst of it all we've lost ourselves and the joys that we get from the things that truly matter.

Maybe you can relate?



If so, I want to help you make this the pivotal time you reclaim control over your health, your happiness & your life. 

I want to set you on a path that prioritizes YOU so that you can show up as the best version of yourself for the people you love, for your co workers, your friends and all those around you.

You cannot pour from an empty cup and if you've been putting your own wellbeing on the back burner, now is the time to reclaim your glow.

I will guide you each step of the way as you become the healthiest, fittest and happiest version of yourself. 

This program will not only make you feel physically fitter, leaner and stronger but mentally more resilient and confident too.

And once you have unlocked that inner strength you will become unstoppable in the pursuit of the things that make you happy.

You have everything within you to live a life full of purpose, passion and fulfillment. You are the dreamer, the editor and the actor of your life.



Over the last few years I´ve helped hundreds of people break free from the habits, people and situations that no longer serve them and create more meaningful lives as a result.

The quality of your health, your thoughts and your habits determine your ability to take action. 

Most of us KNOW what we should be doing to break free from what doesn't serve us but fail to TAKE ACTION.

Maybe you are one of them?  

If so, you are not alone. Breaking habits is hard, especially if you don't have anyone holding you accountable and supporting you along the way. 

This is where working with a Coach becomes a life changer. 

Not only will I provide you with weekly action steps that will benefit your individual needs, I will make sure you stick with them by keeping you accountable each step of the way.

And I will make sure the process is enjoyable, sustainable and makes you feel your best!

Unlike others, I don't believe that the answer lies in beating yourself up, depriving yourself or doing things you hate.

We've all tried that and we all know it doesn't last the distance.

What does work is adopting a lifestyle that supports your health and that you actually enjoy. 

It's making healthier choices out of love instead of fear. And it's learning how to cultivate a more positive mindset towards fitness, food & yourself. 


Getting fitter, losing weight and feeling great in your body doesn't come from doing more of the same. It comes from changing your way of eating, moving AND thinking.

Your mind shapes your reality and your ego will always lead you back into your old pattern the moment you let your guard down. 

This is why working with someone who keeps you accountable and helps you make changes by addressing your mind, your beliefs and your pattern is the only way to create real change.

Oftentimes having a food and/or fitness plan isn't enough because our emotions, patterns or lack of ability to plan and stay consistent prevent us from sticking with it.

It may tell you what to eat but it doesn't address WHY & HOW you eat. It does nothing to address your habits and thought patterns around food and this is the essential part if you want results that last for life.

This is also why coaching has a 90% success rate and why 95% of diets fail.

As a Health Coach, I'm not just here to tell you WHAT to eat but to ask you WHY & HOW.

Together we'll dig deep into your core beliefs, your patterns and the habits that are holding you back from feeling your best.

We will go below the surface of your behaviors to understand what drives them and help you create new habits that are based on compassion and kindness, as opposed to guilt & fear.

By the end of the program you will have broken up with your old habits and created new ones you will WANT to stick with because they will make you feel so good you won't want to feel any other way.

Discipline and willpower will only take you a certain distance. It´s a change in your mindset that is crucial to make changes that are sustainable and that deliver the results you want. 

At the end of this program you will feel leaner, fitter, stronger and more confident to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life!


This program lasts 6 weeks and is spread out as follows:



During this 1 hour private consultation we will lay out your goals, get clear on what motivates you to reach them and map out a clear action plan to get there.

In terms of food, we'll address

WHAT you eat by

  • conducting a nutrient density review of your current diet,
  • identifying inflammatory foods you should avoid,
  • Optimizing your metabolism and improving the health of your gut by providing you with a list of foods that address your specific needs.

WHY you eat by

  • Diving into your relationship with food, your relationship with yourself and the effects of it on your food choices
  • Uncovering the patterns that are keeping you stuck,
  • Giving you practical tips to deal with emotional eating.

HOW you eat by

  • Optimizing the time you dedicate to eating
  • Giving you tools to increase nutrient absorption 
  • Improving your gut health and getting rid of bloating 

We will also map out your fitness routine, your lifestyle habits and your mindset to provide you with solutions that suit your specific needs.

DAY 2 - DAY 9

7 day Mind Body DETOX

This phase is designed to cleanse your body and to reset your metabolism, boost your ability to burn fat and get rid of bloating. 

You will be provided with a 7 day meal plan of seasonal foods that are quick and easy to prepare as well as shopping lists and prepping plans to help you save time. 

All the recipes are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and made with real food only.

You will be given daily Pilates workouts to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body from the inside out and meditations to calm your mind and reduce stress.

I will be there to support you throughout this phase and we will schedule two 30 minute coaching calls to make sure you stay on track. 


WEEK 3,4,5 & 6



This is the most important phase. Everyone can make short term changes to their diet & lifestyle but it's finding what works for you in the long term that is the true game changer. 

In this phase you will get all the personal support you need to make sure you fully capitalize on the reset and don´t fall back into your old ways. 

I will help you implement a food, fitness and self care plan that continues to deliver the results you want and that is tailored to your specific needs & tastes.



The sooner you start, the sooner you will start feeling lighter, fitter, healthier and more empowered to live the life you want.


This program is unlike any other as it takes a holistic approach to your health and provides you with all the tools to uplift your body, your mind and your life!


Consistency is key if you want to achieve success and we all know that this is the one thing that keeps us from reaching our goals.

By signing up to this program you will benefit from my expert advice, personal support and regular accountability check ins to make sure you stay on track to achieve your goals.


Improving the quality of WHAT, WHY & HOW you eat is the single most powerful way you can improve how you feel, your ability to burn fat and increase your energy levels.

95% of your serotonin is produced in your gut and it's also home to 75% of your immune tissue.


Exercise is important but as with most things QUALITY of movement beats QUANTITY. By signing up to this program you will get access to weekly workouts that are designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body, to flatten your belly and uplift your butt (and your mood) while being kind on your joints.


How you feel affects every single aspect of your life: from your relationship with yourself, with your family, your friends & your partner to your capacity to be productive in your career or studies. By investing in your wellbeing you arenĀ“t just investing in yourself but in your ability to live your life to the fullest and make an impact on the World.


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