A six-month virtual coaching experience designed to create conscious change, helping you envision and unlock the life of your dreams.

February - July 2023




As the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “the only constant in life is change.” However, the fear of change is just as constant, and momentum—unconscious change—very powerful. The consequence: so often we get trapped in our own lives, staying in jobs we hate, relationships that are expired, and in places we no longer feel we belong. A few years ago, both Maddy and Katie were struck by an unsettling realization in each of their lives—that despite lives that outwardly appeared successful, fulfilling, even enviable—that they’d somehow created lives that were busy, not full.


They each set out to remake their lives, letting go of long-held notions of the “dream job” or “man of my dreams” or “dream house”, instead setting a vision for a “dream life” each of those things would ladder up to—how it would feel vs. what it would look like, and take small steps every day, week, month, year to build that dream life.

Along the way, they left behind successful careers in cities like New York, London, and Monaco—to rebuild new ones in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, reevaluated relationships, found new transformational practices including surf, meditation, breathwork, doubled down on existing passions including yoga and pilates, and built powerful, supportive communities. The result: we’re both happier and healthier than we’ve ever been. And—we’re excited to share the myriad learnings we’ve uncovered along the way!

Those journeys set the foundation for “Set Your Life on Fire”, inspired by a favorite Rumi line and designed to disrupt the unconscious momentum that can fuel change in our lives, replacing it with conscious, intentional transformation. Set Your Life on Fire has two expressions today:   The Experience, which you can read more about here, and The Program, which you can read on to learn all about.


The Program is a six-month April to September virtual coaching program designed to help you envision the change you want in your life, and consciously create it. We’ll meet bi-weekly for coaching, knowledge, and community, and have an always-on WhatsApp group to support one another through transformation.




Six months of bi-weekly, one hour long coaching, knowledge, and community zoom calls to help you envision and create conscious change in your life, including guest experts to deep dive on specific topics. While we strongly encourage prioritizing the dates / times to attend the calls in person, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and we will record the group coaching portions of the calls so that you can view them afterwards (note: we will not record the small group sharing sessions).


Exercises to take forward between sessions and implement to pursue change in your life every day, week, month of the program. While our time in session together will be powerful, it is also small relative to all the things you spend time on over six months, so commitment to take action in your day to day life during the program is critical. We recommend setting aside ~30 minutes of time per day you’ll dedicate to things like movement, meditation, visualization, gratitude, self-care, journaling, and other practices and exercises we’ll provide throughout the program.


A diverse, open-minded, high-human and high-octane community of inspiring people working to transform their lives. Community is a critical component of this experience, and as such, we are accepting participants by application only to ensure we meet that very high bar. We will also limit number of participants to ensure all have a voice, and can get to know one another, and as such, we require your commitment to the full six month program as a stable, supportive community is imperative.


Always-on WhatsApp group for Maddy, Katie, and our full Set Your Life on Fire community to provide coaching, support, guidance throughout this experience.


At the end of our six months, we are offering Set Your Life on Fire: The Experience, an immersive, five-night, six-day experience where the jungle meets the sea in Costa Rica. The Experience will serve as a powerful capstone to The Program and we highly recommend considering signing up for both.

However, each is designed to be a comprehensive, powerful standalone experience, so if you can’t do both, joining us for one is still a wonderful option. For a limited time, we’re offering a 10% discount for those who’d like to join us for the full Set Your Life on Fire experience, including both The Program and The Experience.



Madeleine Karlsson

Maddy is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, a Certified Pilates Teacher & a Yoga Instructor with over 15 years experience working in the wellness industry. Maddy can best be described as an adventure seeking soul who has traveled around the World to learn and share her passion for good food, fitness & mindfulness. 14 years ago she set foot in Costa Rica and has been drawn back ever since to its magical sunsets, the sounds of the jungle and the amazing surf. In 2019 she set her life on fire by leaving behind a flourishing career in real estate, a Pilates business and 10 years of her life in Monaco to call Costa Rica home.

Katie Tobias

Katie is a certified Yoga and Meditation instructor who teaches at Barefoot Yoga in Rincón, Puerto Rico. Katie was a global fitness and fashion marketing executive in New York, London, and Sydney for over a decade before deciding to set her own life on fire in 2019, which ultimately led her to move to Rincón, which she calls home eight months of the year and where she surfs and practices ocean-front yoga every day, and spend the other four months of the year traveling to different places that fuel her (with Costa Rica and El Salvador being two of her favorites). She also started working for herself, becoming a brand & marketing consultant for companies that share her values of east meets west wellbeing & sustainability, and teaching yoga & meditation.


The Program: $350/month or $2000 upfront. Commitment to the full six month program required due to the importance of a stable community to the experience. 


The last two years have been incredibly taxing in myriad ways. They have also been clarifying, and for many, will be an inflection point—taking a life that is busy, and evolving it into one that is full. This program is designed to help you do exactly that, finding clarity in intention, and impacting change in your environment, practices, community, and actions to make those intentions a reality and create the life of your dreams. If you’ve read this far, listen to the intuitive voice telling you this is exactly what you need. Set your life on fire.


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