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10 days to feeling your best!

Get fitter, leaner, stronger and happier in a way that is easy, fun & sustainable!

The reason this program works is because it takes a holistic approach to your health by addressing all the things that truly matter in making you feel your best.

By signing up to this 10 day trial you get everything you need to uplift your body, your mind & your soul from wherever you are!

5 PILATES WORKOUT VIDEOS & 1 YOGA VIDEO filmed in real time specifically designed to

  • Strengthen and flatten your core, uplift your butt & create long, lean limbs
  • Make you feel lighter and improve your mobility, flexibility & control 
  • Help you walk taller by improving your posture and fixing your screen/Iphone spine
  • Give you better body awareness, control and precision in your movements. This will be beneficial to any other sports you practice.
  • Reduce the stress on your body while providing you with long, lean muscles!

A 7 day MEAL PLAN specifically designed to:

  • Boost your metabolism & your ability to burn fat
  • Reduce bloating
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve your digestion & gut health by removing foods that are likely to cause inflammation such as gluten, dairy, refined sugar and anything processed.
  • Give you a flatter belly
  • Boost your immunity
  • Reduce chronic inflammation
  • Teach you how to cook simple meals you truly enjoy

GUIDED MEDITATIONS specifically designed to

  • Calm your mind
  • Increase your ability to focus
  • Boost your productivity
  • Improve your self confidence
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your relationships

The meal plan is designed for you to do some meal prepping the day before you start the program to save time on cooking during the week.

Even though the meal plan is a 7 day program, you will have access to it for 10 days so it leaves you enough time to get set up and get all the ingredients.

Here is the equipment you will need:

1) A Pilates or a Yoga mat

2) A food processor will make your life easier but is not mandatory.

3) 4 to 5 Tupperware's to store the food you will take with you to work and the food you prepare as part of the prepping.

The food is all natural, unprocessed and mainly plant based but not vegan. It is naturally gluten & refined sugar free and contains very little dairy that is optional.

The only animal protein contained is wild salmon and prawns because they are great sources of Omega 3 fatty acids that are highly beneficial to our heart & brain health.

Please note that the Pilates program is not appropriate if you are pregnant, less than 3 months postpartum or if you haven't been cleared by your doctor to exercise without the supervision of a professional.


[ The information contained on this Website and the resources available for download through this website are for educational and informational purposes only. You should always consult with your Doctor before beginning any type of exercise or physical activity. ]

What People Are Saying:

“Doing the 7 day Detox really helped me make a fresh start with food. I really enjoyed the recipes and having the shopping lists and meal plan made it all super easy. As for the exercise, Pilates has been a wonderful discovery. I have always done a lot of cardio but Pilates has really helped me get stronger and more defined. I really enjoy the classes which is a bonus too. What I like about the program is that it provides a sustainable lifestyle that is enjoyable and gives results. It’s not just a quick fix.”

Anna P

“I lost 2,5kg and my knees have stopped hurting (I have arthritis in both of them). The meditations and breathing exercises have helped me feel calm in situations that used to trigger me. I´ve started trying on the clothes I haven´t worn in years and almost all of them fit! I´m so happy and will definitely continue with this new lifestyle because it makes me feel so good! ”


“I really enjoyed the program. It gave me confidence and it helped me realize that it can be challenging to change habits but after some days when you have new habits you don´t even miss the old ones :) The program gave me inspiration in the kitchen and I also started to really like Pilates and feel the effects from the daily meditation. I feel more present and "light" in the body. ”

Lina Dahlbäck

“I've been dealing with bloating for some time but 7 days on this program and I feel awesome! Maddy's recipes and explanations gave me a very good sense of achievement in the kitchen which is great. I'm less bloated, my body looks leaner and I just feel very content in my own skin :) I loved the meditations and the food, but I also loved the Pilates! It's so much harder than it looks! So I guess I loved everything about the program and I would definitely recommend it to others!”

Sissel Gulaker

“Before I started the program I felt tired, unhealthy & unfit. Now I feel more energized, I´ve lost weight, I get less hungry in between meals and I feel stronger too. I really like Maddy's ethos on health, fitness, the way we eat and general happiness. The recipes were delicious and the workouts were easy to follow on the screen. I would definitely recommend this program to others!”

Stephanie Barba

“The best part about this program was that it helped me get started with Pilates and I loved the recipes! It has also opened my eyes on meditation (I´m still working on the meditation part, not really there yet) I´ve noticed a big improvement in my core and posture. I also got a flatter tummy. It helped me slow down a little bit and to reflect about training and eating. The videos where very professional, but in the same time very personal (with Nelson running around :). I would definitely recommend this program to others!”

Annika Wiklund

“Absolutely loving the food & workouts. Brilliant.”

Vicky Layton