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What People Are Saying:

My body has changed more in 3 months of doing this than in 3 years of spending hours at the gym. I feel so much fitter, stronger & leaner but also much calmer and more confident. Thank you Maddy!


I have been going to the gym for years and doing HIIT training and running. I got injured and started doing this program while recovering and now I've recovered I no longer want to go back to what I was doing before. I'm much leaner, stronger and more relaxed than I ever was. I've lost weight and I can finally see my abs! Yay! Love the recipes and the mindfulness exercises too. It's truly an all around program! Couldn't recommend it more!


I lost 5kg in the first month of doing this program and I'm stronger, leaner and much happier than I was before.


I feel empowered, strong and happy with myself after each session. Thank you so much for this Maddy. You've helped me fall in love with moving my body again.


I've been doing this program since it started nearly 18 months ago and I've never felt better in my body. I'm 6kg lighter but I´m much stronger and more flexible than ever before. I have a much better relationship with food. I truly enjoy eating healthy and I get a lot more pleasure from exercising too. I would never go back to what I was doing before.


I love this program so much that I have given up everything else I was doing. I used to run & go to the gym but now I've realized that what truly makes me feel my best is doing Pilates, meditating and eating healthy. I wish I had discovered the program before I wasted so much money & time on doing other stuff!


I LOVE all of these videos. I have never been consistent with working out and now I look forward to your videos. It is the PERFECT workout. Please never stop making them!


I love the burn from these workouts. But honestly what I love the most is how you don't repeat the same exercises over and over again. It actually makes the workouts manageable. I love the recipes too. So delicious and so easy to prepare! I'm feeling lighter, leaner, stronger and happier! Thank you!


This is the first type of workout that I have been able to stick with for over 2 weeks. And I am not planning to stop either! Love the Pilates. Love the food. And I love the guided meditations too! Definitely feel fitter, stronger and more at home in my body! I wish I had discovered this so much sooner!


What I love about this program is that I feel challenged but in a really empowering way. I am on week 21 and when I go back to doing the workouts from the start I realize that I've gained so much flexibility & strength. The program is really well built to progressively make you stronger, leaner & fitter! Love it!