$1,999.00 USD

30 day transformation program

What you get:

  • 4 private coaching sessions with Maddy
  • 4 weekly meal plans with recipes that align with your goals.
  • 2 weekly mindfulness exercises such as breathwork and meditations to calm your central nervous system.
  • Mindset exercises to break free from limiting beliefs, reconnect with yourself and develop more self-love & compassion.
  • Ongoing support in between sessions via Whatsapp.

What People Are Saying:

I always had trouble finding my way with food. I tried many different diets but always gained the weight back and felt frustrated as a result. I used to crave sugar all the time and eat to deal with my emotions. Maddy helped me get rid of the cravings, deal with the emotional triggers and find a way of eating that works for me! I lost the weight, I've kept it off & I feel great in my body.


Maddy will heal your gut, your mind, your body & your soul. Before I started working with Maddy I was confused about food and had tried several diets but nothing that worked in the long term. Maddy helped me take a different approach and I lost 5kg and have kept the weight off. I'm grateful to her for helping me discover a new way of eating. I absolutely love her recipes! They're delicious!


Thank you for changing my life Maddy. I was dealing with a lot of health issues related to my gut health when we first met. Since then I've lost over 15kg, healed from all my health issues and have more energy than ever.