Break Free from Emotional Eating

A 3 month group coaching program to:
  • Get rid of emotional eating for good by addressing its root cause
  • Lose weight in a way that feels effortless & easy
  • Experience a boost in your confidence & self esteem
  • Get rid of negative feelings and guilt around food
  • Feel more empowered in your relationship with food, fitness & yourself
  • Create better balance in the areas of your life that truly matter
  • Full clarity on what to eat to feel your best
  • Better digestion, no more bloating
  • Truly commit to your wellbeing in a way you've never done before
  • Find better balance with fitness
  • Reconnect with what makes you feel alive & happy

The investment for this program is 1400 USD/EUR or 3 monthly payments of 500 USD/EUR

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The problem with most diets & nutrition advice is that they fail to address the big picture

How many times have you signed up to a diet, lost a few pounds only to fall back into your old habits?

How many times have you beaten yourself up for eating something only to do it all over again a few days later?

How many times have you said to yourself that your new way of eating "starts Monday"?

Most diets promote a controlling relationship with food that is full of judgement, negativity & guilt. You can do it for a short time but it's not something you enjoy.

Hence why you get trapped in a cycle of being "really good" for a while only to "fall off the wagon" after. 

Almost everyone I work with is trapped in this cycle. They're full of misconceptions about food which creates confusion and they fail to address the bigger picture of why they do what they do. 

What makes you reach for food even though you aren't hungry? How do your emotions affect your food choices?

Transforming your relationship with food so that you can reach your goals in a way that is enjoyable, intuitive & easy is possible but it takes more than just following another diet or food plan.

It takes addressing WHAT, WHY & HOW you eat as well as the underlying reasons to your cravings and why you sometimes turn to food even though you may not be truly hungry.

In week 1 of the program we are taking the guesswork out of WHAT to eat to dramatically simplify your relationship with food and PROGRAM YOUR BODY TO CRAVE THE GOOD STUFF! 

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What you eat changes EVERYTHING. Optimising the quality of your fuel is the single most efficient way to change the way you look & feel. It will boost your energy levels, improve your ability to focus, regulate your mood, improve your skin complexion and of course help you lose any unwanted weight!